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Border Line was a short project produced for a gallery exhibition  following on from Mind the Gap. Created by following random points  on a map of the City of Port Philip , once again following a psychogeography method.  All shot in a single beautifully grey overcast day.



In this short body of work entitled Border Line, I have returned to the dialogue between real and imaginary space that characterised my 2020 exhibition Mind the Gap. The premise for this work has been a map and a sense of those invisible boundaries that nevertheless help to form a strong durable idea of place. In this case that place is the sprawl of The City of Port Phillip, whose outer limits are defined on a map, it is these perceived limits or outer edges, as the map suggests, that are the subject of my photography.

Researched on google maps and street view, then shot over just one perfect morning: with a DELWP grid overlayed on the City of Port Philip map. This created 12 locations on the fringes, where the grid intersects the edges and became the subject of the work. A voyage into a strange known unknown, where the location selection, fashions a link between the otherwise unrelated spaces and creates a dialogue between real and imaginary space. The work is also deeply concerned with the weather; with an overlay of grey drabness, rain, and the hope of sunshine; all of Melbourne’s seasons in one day. Where the condition of weather has also become the condition of life.

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